KEUL 88.9 FM

Program Service Statement

A brief description of the programming
service relating to issues of public concern facing our service area.

LOCAL ACCESS: There are no other local broadcast facilities that Turnagain Arm communities have access to. We are immediately accessible for anyone to call or drop by for instant messaging and networking. This, combined with dozens of local on-air personalities strengthens the sense of community, communication and interaction. This station is seen by many to be the heartbeat of Glacier Valley and a public safety net for Turnagain Arm.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Hundreds of residents and thousands of others travel the nearby highway, but have no way of knowing the various conditions including frequent closures for avalanche mitigation. Avalanche, flood and earthquake have made local streets, roads and highways impassible, endangering life and property. Bears and moose travel, live and feed here and sometimes pose hazards to residents. Interfacing with local authorities and others with knowledge of road conditions, disasters, animals, and emergencies produce necessary instant messaging along Turnagain Arm.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS: Our communities have pressures placed upon them from within and without. There are many governing agencies and private interests planning the future of this National Scenic Corridor. Local residents need access to the information of others as well as the ability to listen to and take part in discussions. Monthly meetings of the local Board of Supervisors, which include representatives of these agencies and interests, are broadcast. Ensuing community concerns are aired in roundtable discussions and call-in programs. News programs are also presented.

SERVICE AND ARTS ORGANIZATIONS: There are many people involved with a multitude of organizations. Some have multiple roles in different groups, and all like to know about the events and meetings. Some groups have arts and entertainment functions that can be aired for those not able to attend. Public service announcements from and about many facets of community life are aired.

EDUCATION: The local K-8 public school wants to involve students with presentations from the classroom such as essays on first amendment rights as well as news from and about the school. There is also a Community Schools program that offers courses and programs for all members of the valley. Information about their programs is presented as well as any other involvement we can contribute. We offer a Youth Radio program during the winter quarter.

ENTERTAINMENT: The root of this station is music. What is missed most here is the ability to listen to all kinds of music and understand the world through and of music. Music is our constant companion. It speaks to us of the trials and tribulations of others. It offers solutions and possibilities, works on multiple levels, can be soothing and outrageous, and is a common denominator of listeners. We present as large a variation in music as we can find. We provide an outlet, as well as production facilities for local musicians. The Alaska Public Radio Network has asked us to provide them with hours of music from our studio productions and the local Forest Faire, Alaska’s largest free outdoor music festival held the first weekend in July which we will broadcast. We also broadcast music from Oktoberfest and Solstice Festival, our organization’s fundraisers and as many other productions as we can. There is also a group that has shown an interest in producing radio drama.

TECHNOLOGY: While satellites produce a large flow of radio-oriented information, the equipment and program costs are well out of reach of low budget, all volunteer community radio. As the Internet and service providers continue to grow, both the qualities of transmission and programming place this medium as a user-friendly window on the world. With the ability to access hundreds or thousands of sites, we can have two-way communication at personal or community levels, free of the dominance of conglomerate thought and control.

KEUL email   907 754 2489  ( 907 SKI CITY )