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Congratulations on your wish to inherit and pass on the traditions of free speech, free form, and eclectic Community-Access Radio! The airwaves belong to the public and every one of us has in important point of view to express. At KEUL we believe that there is strength and beauty in our diversity.

If you have never been involved in media before, this will be an exciting introduction to the world of mass communications. KEUL reaches thousands of listeners in the Turnagain Arm area. We are concerned with community and national issues as well as civil rights.

Although you may embody the spirit of our roots of pirate radio (we are the only busted pirates to be licensed by the FCC), there are lawfully enforced regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the State of Alaska and the Municipality of Anchorage, as well as our community's standards, which control our outer limits.


A solid introduction to radio broadcasting, enough to get you competently installed in a radio show, which consists of: A three-hour interactive lecture/demonstration on policies, procedures and equipment operation; two hours of your own hands-on show with a trainer present; then a two-hour on-air check ride with your trainer not present, listening and available by phone, you recording your program; if you negotiate these satisfactorily, you get the combination to the door, otherwise more supervised on-air time and instruction. Opportunities to expand your skills through production work, remote broadcasts and other activities.


Patience and self-motivated continuing education. It takes time and experience to learn your craft. Attention. The time you spend off the air in preparation for your show pays off noticeably! Become a critical listener of radio, both to KEUL and to other stations. Notice what works, and what doesn’t. A spirit of cooperation, and a professional attitude in what you have at KEUL. This includes a “heads up” mindset that sees the station as a whole, not just your own radio show.


KEUL is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the Turnagain Arm area and we rely entirely on our volunteers. Two-way communication is essential to the running of the station. That is why all our meetings are open, including monthly DJ and Board meetings. Your feedback is always welcome—in fact will be solicited on many occasions. Please respond when asked!

At the same time you will find that KEUL is not a democracy. We are uncompromising in our intention to run a professional quality operation. Radio and television broadcasting is tightly controlled by the federal government. Federal rules and regulations are very specific and quite restrictive. Like it or not, KEUL and all our volunteers are bound by these regulations.

KEUL email   907 754 2489  ( 907 SKI CITY )