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Girdwood Community Club

Our story

GCCFormed in the late 40's, the Girdwood Community Club has initiated and promoted community enrichment projects such as Girdwood's first school, theater group, alpine ski area (we loaned them money), fire department, community park and relay television broadcast system in Glacier Valley.

Our Mission

Community gathering space for all ages

  • Ecotourism/ Eco-Adventure: starts here

  • Cultural and Heritage Center

  • Community Garden

  • Hut-to-Hut Wilderness Trail System: starts here

  • Outdoor Education for Children, Teens and Adults

  • Tent campground

  • Audio/visual production studio

  • Performance space and theater

  • Acquire a few acres of municipal land as a permanent home for the Club


The Girdwood Community Club is a nonprofit corporation, supporting and promoting community education and information in the Turnagain Arm area.  This area is 45 miles in length, and one to four miles in width, with six communities, the state's largest ski resort, major summertime tourist attractions, and major wintertime recreation, bringing thousands of visitors to the area.  It is located along one of only two roads connecting Anchorage, the state's largest city, with the contiguous road system, with thousands of automobiles traversing this area daily.  This entire area is bordered on both sides with mountains rising three thousand to over six thousand feet high.  Although our communities are scattered 20 to 40 air miles from Anchorage, this terrain isolates them from metropolitan broadcast signals and other amenities, creating the need for a broadcast station, especially in regard to public safety and for implementing the emergency alert system.


    Formed in the late 1940's, the Club has initiated and promoted community enrichment projects with such firsts as Girdwood's: first school, fire department, library, theatre group, alpine ski area, community park, and FM radio in Glacier Valley; and relay television broadcast system along Turnagain arm.

The Club is organized to promote education, information and communication in the Turnagain Arm Area and operate community broadcast facilities and other non-profit communication and educational services.

As a local access facility we are immediately responsive to the needs of our community.  Studies have shown that Alaskans are do-it-yourselfers; they are educated by participating in, as well as passively enjoying arts and technology.  We will continue to provide an outlet for the creativity and energy of the community, as well as an education in broadcasting arts.

We are training and using many members of the community in all phases of radio station operations.  Students in all grades have demonstrated their interests in producing programs and operating as on-air personalities.   Summer and winter outdoor adventurers will learn more of their hostile environment through public service announcements, actively reporting on events, and becoming involved in public service activities.  Flood, avalanche and earthquake have sometimes isolated this area with inadequate public communications.  The radio station is part of the local disaster plan.

Music is a large part of our lives.  We present the leading edge of new music and styles from around the world and will continue to be a forum for musicians, spoken word artists, radio playwrights and readers.  Growing pains have turned us into a politically divisive lot and we've discovered the need for and benefits of live broadcasting of governing bodies and discussions of hot topics and turmoil.

We will be using radio as an instrument of expanding peoples' awareness.  Long-time residents will be better able to understand the ever-accelerating rate of change, as well as newcomers understanding the heritage and culture of this area they have chosen to explore.  We accomplish this by telling and letting others tell about the ongoing way of living in this area and elsewhere.

We will become a bridge and a channel to bring people together by giving them a sense of community.  We will provide information to help equip listeners for personal and community decision-making.  Already, the more than 100 people who have trained in our production facility have demonstrated their respect for the equipment, the facility, and the community. And theyhave the respect of the community!

THE AIRWAVES  Free-form, eclectic,free-speech and open mic, present a greater understanding of human relationships through open mindedness. These ideals represent the true spirit of Community Radio.  Public access and dozens of local on-air personalities strengthen the sense of community, communication and interaction.

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